The Podcast Man

Hey friends!

I wanted to stop by and let you know that I’ll be launching a new website for my podcast editing, distribution and facilitation service. Whether your podcast is already up and running and you need a great editor, or your podcast is just an idea waiting to come to life, I’m here to help!

My years of audio experience working at the radio station as well as my personal audio projects have given me thousands of hours of audio-editing experience that allows me to confidently offer you a satisfaction guarantee.

I’ll have your podcast up on iTunes, Stitcher, Google Play and other outlets in no time!

If you or anyone you know needs a podcast guru that will offer you excellent service at a great price, I’ll be honored to be your guy.

Coming soon ===>

For now ===>


Hope you are enjoying this lovely spring-going-on-summer.






Happy Spring!

Hey friends!

Long time no chat. As you know, I’m not great at updating you here. In these past few months, I’ve been taking on more and more gigs – mostly at elderly care places. I’ve also been taking on more guitar students, more audio projects and more podcast editing clients. My wife and my pet sitting business Encinitas Pet Sitting has also been growing more and more each month. This has left me with less time to stop by the blog here and say hi.

My Facebook was also hacked and disappeared which demotivated me to partake in all forms of social media for a while…I’ll be back. In the meantime you can find me on Instagram and of course can always contact me here!

I’ve been so honored and blessed to have these new gigs and projects. I really enjoy playing at the old folks homes. I have my own Great Grandmother Mabel to thank for watching me play guitar and dance around like a fool over 10 years ago. I also have Elvis and Yerba Mate to thank for the inspiration and energy.

On another note, I’ve moved my music studio to another location which have give me more space to create and record. It has also given us much more space in our tiny guest home that we rent here in beautiful Encinitas.

I’ve already been picking up a few private party gigs as the weather is warming up and I’m looking forward to meeting more folks by playing at birthday parties, weddings, anniversaries, baby showers,  etc.

I’ve also been trying to learn to surf…I just keep reminding myself how hard guitar was when I was first learning and that gives me a little hope…but it’s not looking good for me so far on the waves 😉

Anywho, back to work! Hope to hear from you soon, friends. Drop a line any time!


Thanks for stopping by and enjoy the sunshine,