Free Instrumental Album from Zack David with Donation to American Cancer Society – March Only

Hello friends, family and fans!

I recently finished FAWM 2015. FAWM (February Album Writing Month) is an annual challenge for songwriters to write 14 songs in 28 days. This was my third year participating and succeeding!


What I’ve decided to do this year in honor of my late mother is the following; I’m spreading the joy of music by giving away this album for free with your promise to me that you’ll donate at least $14 to the American Cancer Society (one dollar for each song). You can do so by clicking here:



Once you’ve done that, you can download the album by clicking “download” in the player below or by CLICKING HERE. Just set the price as $0. If you do wish to support my music and my work as a musician, I would gratefully accept anything above $0 as a tip 🙂 This album will only be available for download this month (March)! Please see below for more details about the album.



A little more about “Still Not Too Late”:

For my FAWM efforts this year I decided to do an all-instrumental album with hopes of later producing and mastering select songs off the album to then market to television, movies, videos and anywhere else they could be useful.

Keep in mind that this album is still a little rough around the edges and captures the essence of writing and recording 14 songs in 28 days. As time permitted, some songs are more produced while others contain nuances and other quirks. Throughout this album I used %100 real instruments – no software instruments. I believe this reflects in the organic sound of the album. Also, to maintain organic integrity I haven’t done any post production further than what was done in the month of February, staying true to February Album Writing Month.

You’ll hear how my involvement with Peruvian musicians during my 3 years of living in Peru has influenced my songwriting, performance and the instruments used – especially in tracks such as the first (Inti) and last (Quilla).

Thank you for supporting the fight against cancer as well as my musical works! A $14 donation may not seem like much, but if we join together, maybe this album can raise a few hundred dollars – and I’d like to think there are thousands of others out there every day doing what they can too.

Here’s to us everyday folk working together to make a difference!

Best wishes,


Donate to the American Cancer Society

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