April Update!

Well hello friends, family, fans, clients and beautiful people of the world!

The biggest news I must share with you all is that my fiancee Yumi, who I met in Peru, recently had her visa interview and she got it! She’ll be here within a few months and then we’ll be married shortly thereafter and I’m so overly joyed to share this lovely news with you all!

Well, enough of the mushy, lovey stuff…on to business! I got some good offers for my new and prospective as well as repeat customers out there. %10 off your first order of a custom song from Zack David Music. The other deal I have going is that I’ll give you %30 off your next custom song if you refer a few people to my business who then reach out to me. I’m really counting on good reviews and word-of-mouth to get and keep things rolling here and I could use your help now more than ever.

Whether for personal or business use, there’s a handful of uses for custom tailored songs and I guarantee you’ll love what I come up with for you. Finally the last deal I have going is the mini-song deal. I’ll write and record you a mini song of around 1 minute long for $25. Yep, your own little ditty for a quarter of a Ben Franklin! Those are your month of April deals – no foolin’! 🙂

Check out the new and improved Zack David Custom Tailored Personalized Song Page for all the 411!

Ok, now back to the lovey dovey stuff:


Have a beautiful April and be on the lookout for some emails coming your way. Please help a brotha out 🙂


Zack David offers services in custom tailored songwriting, lessons both locally and via internet, gigs, audio editing and podcast facilitation and more! Email zack@zackdavid.com or call 760 512 0181 for details.