…and on a non-musical “note”, I’M MARRIED!



Hello friends, family, fans, clients, fellow musical bros and sistas:

Please excuse the fact that I haven’t posted an update in a good while. My (was fiancee, now wife!) Yumi arrived to the United States via the fiancee visa June 1st. On Wednesday (June 24) we got married!

I met Yumi during my first week in the Peace Corps in Peru in June, 2011. Before entering the Peace Corps and meeting Yumi I hadn’t planned on getting married. I’m not even sure I believed in or knew what love was. I know, it all sounds cheesy, but it’s all true. Now, about 4 years later, Yumi and I are happily married, living together in Southern California and learning more and growing together every day!

On a musical note – My studio is open for business and I’m available for studio work, to give lessons, play gigs, etc. We’d appreciate the business as we chug along in our humble abode. 🙂

Lot’s of projects moving forward as well as aspirations of future projects in the making! Can’t wait to wake up each day with the woman I love to do the work that I love. Thanks for being a part of our story!

Be well, and talk soon,