Mayday! Mayday! …Wow, It’s Almost May!

fotos guitar en studioIMG_2187Hey folks! As you can see by my previous post…this year is the first year since I started participating a few years back that I haven’t been able to complete the FAWM (February Album Writing Month) challenge a couple months back. It pained me quite a bit…BUT…

Luckily, it’s for the good reason that I was super busy working on custom-tailored songs and music ranging from birthday gift songs, to corporate video background music to Podcast intro jingles, and more! Though I may not have recorded 14 songs specifically for my FAWM goal, I recorded well over 14 for clients!

Though I’m keeping busy, I’m always looking for more work!


During the month of May, if you mention the code MAYDAY to me either in email, phone call or however you contact me – I’ll give you %10 off your custom song order.

April has been a big month of upgrading my studio and studio instruments as well as continuing to refine my sound and fine tune my abilities as a studio engineer. I appreciate your support and look forward to working with you!

Musically yours,


-Zack David


In addition to his custom-tailored song service, Zack also performs live shows in the area, gives lessons and is a Podcast editing and distribution guru.