Zack David is a singer/songwriter and working musician originally from Minneapolis, Minnesota.

After playing in a wide variety of groups ranging from hard rock to punk to bluegrass to avant garde and more, Zack has settled down into the shoes of a folk musician in the city of Encinitas, California. The young musician recently returned from serving 3 years in Peru as part of the Peace Corps.

His style is a fusion of delicate and powerful, traditional and contemporary, nostalgic and inspirational. The emotive songwriter takes journeys through love, loss, belief, friendship, hardship, hope and so much more.

Zack’s love to share the gift of music reflects in his sincere songwriting, performances, lessons, studio work and freelance songwriting.



15+ years of musical experience in a wide variety of musical groups ranging from rock to punk to bluegrass to avant garde among others before settling down in the shoes of a folk musician.

Strong instruments are guitars, ukulele, voice and harmonica but has also recorded and performed percussion, bass, banjo, mandolin, charango (Peruvian instrument) and others.

Zack David has always had a DIY approach which has taught him the entire process from having an idea in his head to writing the song to recording, mixing, mastering, producing, publishing, distributing and every step in between.



Songwriting, Performing, Recording, Mixing, Producing, Publishing, Distribution, Guitar/Voice/Songwriting Lessons, Personalized Songwriting, Audio Editing, Podcasting


Main instruments:

Guitar (acoustic and electric), Voice, Harmonica, Ukulele, Guitarlele, Banjolele

Secondary instruments:

Percussion, Bass, Banjo, Mandolin, Charango (Peruvian instrument), Keyboard, Midi, Winds, Melodica, Cajon



Modern Musician Specialization 2015 – Berklee College of Music Online 

  • Certificate in Developing Your Musicianship course 2014 – Berklee College of Music Online
  • Certificate in Songwriting course 2014 – Berklee College of Music Online
  • Certificate in Music Production course 2015 – Berklee College of Music Online
  • Certificate in Modern Musician Capstone 2015 – Berklee College of Music Online

Member of the Men’s Chorus 2005 – 2009 – Minnesota State University, Mankato

ASCAP Member 2014 – present



Zack David is a singer-songwriter with a heartfelt and unique approach…” “…his songs are personal and honest, thanks to the personal and introspective songwriting.”

-The Band Camp Diaries [see full review here]

Zack provided something exactly like what I was hoping. Great work. Professional sound. Communicated well. I’d highly recommend him. Thanks Zack!”

-Robs7210 on Fiverr (freelance songwriting customer) [see more Fiverr reviews here]

You’ve captured and expressed the emotions as you can feel the pain, heart break, sadness, hope, strength, etc… This is important because emotion is how people connect with music. The idea is strong and presented well.”

-Rachel Cristaldi – Nashville Song Service

This is the kind of creativity that deserves many more stars than the rating of Fiverr. Zack is a wonderful musician and a very easy person to work with. I’m thrilled with the final result and honored that Zack showed the patience to stick with me to get it right.”

-b_donaldson on Fiverr (freelance songwriting customer) [see more Fiverr reviews here]

Zack played for my private yoga group class in Balboa Park and it was truly magical. He was very good at keeping up with the flow of the class and knew exactly when to give us more energy or mellow out, like in savasana. If you get the chance to practice with him playing guitar, DO IT! It will elevate your yoga practice!”

-Kaitee Tyner – Yoga Instructor

ZD is just one of those people that “gets” it. He knows what he’s doing and he’s really informative and helpful when you know little or nothing (me!). He delivers when he says he will, he responds promptly to communications, and his finished projects are AMAZING. Trustworthy guy!”

-michellesdreemz on Fiverr (freelance songwriting customer) [see more Fiverr reviews here]

…and many more 🙂