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Hello! Thank you for your interest in having me compose, produce and record you a custom song or music! Whether for personal or business use, I always put all my creative and professional energy into each and every order. All recording and production done at Folk Home Studios. Satisfaction guaranteed! (También hablo y he compuesto y grabado canciones en Español).

I will happily explain this all to you directly: 760 846 8090 or

See Bottom of page for freelance songwriting audio and video portfolios.

Prices subject to change.

Step One:

We must determine the task at hand. Do you already have the lyrics written? Do you just have general ideas? Do you have a poem that I’ll make into song? Do you have the lyrics and melody written? Am I doing a cover of your band’s song? Am I doing a cover of another bands song and changing the lyrics, or keeping them the same? Am I just your session singer? Maybe you just need guitar from me. Maybe you just need background music, or background music with a jingle at the end. Maybe a full jingle. Most people come to me and have me start from scratch based on ideas they give.

The possibilities are endless. Whatever you need, I’m happy to help! I’m an honest guy. That means = The more work and time I’ll have to put into a project, the more I’ll charge and vice versa. Pricing is always discussed before the work begins. I charge by project with satisfaction guaranteed!

Now that we have that out of the way, let’s look at the different production options. I’ve created a sample song to walk you through your options when ordering a custom song from Zack David Music. Please note that the purpose of this sample song is to determine sound quality and production value…not compositional and definitely not lyrical value (since I’m merely ad libbing) 😉

To hear real songs I’ve done for clients, please check out my portfolio: <Click Here>


Standard Quality:

I record a song with guitar and voice. This option implements the base cost of the song, which is $5 per :20 ($15 per minute). Here’s the sample song at standard quality:

 So far this song costs just $15!


Full Studio Quality Upgrade:

This is an add-on to the original standard quality. This add-on allows me to add more vocal harmony layers, more instruments and percussion depending on what the song calls for to make it into a full, studio broadcast-quality song. This option really brings the song to life and is highly recommended in general and especially for jingles and songs that will be used in professional settings. Did I mention that this option only costs an additional $40?! That’s a $40 add-on to fully studio elaborate the song! Here’s the sample song with the full studio upgrade:

So far this song costs just $55! ($15 standard cost + $40 studio upgrade cost)


Song Mastering:

The next step is the mastering of your song. This step is not necessary, but is highly recommended, especially for the low cost required in doing so. Mastering your song not only boosts the overall volume but also the clarity of voice and each particular instrument in the mix, giving the song a more professional, broadcast-ready sound. The post-production sound engineer I go to for mastering usually charges between $10 and $15 per song depending on the length and complexity of the song.

I would do the mastering myself but I simply don’t have the 1000’s of dollars of equipment required in the art of mastering otherwise I would include this for free as part of the package. Again, mastering the song is not necessary, but it’s a nice, inexpensive way to add a little extra “umph” to your song.

Here’s the sample song + full studio upgrade + mastered:

So far the song costs just $65! ($15 standard cost + $40 studio upgrade + $10 for mastering – short song)


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Video of Me Performing the Song:

Another service I offer is a video of me playing the guitar and singing the song. This is a $25 add-on in addition to whatever other services you’ve purchased above. I can also add shout outs to the video! Whether you have me do just a video or a video in addition to a studio upgraded song will determine the pricing. I’ll be happy to do whatever configuration you desire!

<In the meantime scroll down for my video portfolio>

This video would cost you $40 without copyright rights ($15 standard cost + $25 video cost) and $80 with copyright rights($15 standard cost + $25 video cost + $40 copyright rights cost)

Then you can choose if you’d additionally like an audio version of the song with the full studio upgrade or just the video.

Purchase of the Copyright Rights:

The next thing to consider is whether or not you’ll need to purchase the copyright rights. This option costs $40 per song. So, how do you know?

YESYou need to purchase the copyright rights in these scenarios:

– You will be using the song for profit (jingles for businesses for example)

– The song will be played to a larger audience (basically anywhere outside your house or a small party)

– You want to distribute/market the song as a musician or producer to earn profit

– You don’t want me to use the song for profit, samples, or in any other way (only YOU own it)

– You are going to use the song in a professional setting

NOYou don’t need to purchase the copyright rights in these scenarios:

– It’s a song as a gift or for a small group of people (anniversary or birthday gift, etc.)

– This is a song just for you and your personal use (for example – I made your lyrics or poem into a song purely for your personal pleasure)

– You are okay with me using the song on my albums, for sale, for samples, and in any other way (I’ll own the song unless you purchase the copyright)


NOTE 1: This part can get kind of fuzzy where to draw the line. I’m a believer in %100 transparent communication with all of my clients and I hope the same from you! That way we can avoid any misunderstandings.

NOTE 2: Some people wait until after hearing the final product to decide if they’d like to purchase the copyright. This is okay in some circumstances. We just need to come to an agreement about it before I start working, that’s all.

NOTE 3: Whether you do or don’t purchase the copyright rights I’d still greatly appreciate credit for my work. This is my full-time job and recognition for my work to others helps me from a marketing standpoint (thank you!) 🙂


If you purchased the copyright rights (using the example of this sample song) it now costs you $105 ($15 standard cost + $40 studio upgrade + $10 for mastering – short song + $40 full copyright rights)

If not the song still costs $65 ($15 standard cost + $40 studio upgrade + $10 for mastering – short song)


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Other Services and Add-Ons:

– For an extra price that we can further discuss I can make a video for the song from photos or video footage that you send me.

– If you need the separate instrumental tracks or all the separate tracks from the mix I can provide you that free of charge!

Time Frame (Rush Order Options):

Each project takes me an average of a week. If it’s a small request I could have it to you sooner. If it’s a hefty order and/or if I’m stacked with projects it may take a few days longer. We can agree upon a time frame upon your order. I can rush deliver a song in 3 days for an additional charge of $25 or 5 days for an additional $10.

This part is open to negotiation. We’ll chat about it in the order placement process.

Song Delivery:

I digitally deliver all songs in these high-quality audio formats:

.wav = Industry standard file type. Uncompressed, highest quality. (sample song as .wav: 11.6 mb)

.mp3 = Most commonly accepted file type. Compressed but still good quality. Smallest, most convenient file size. (sample song as a .mp3: 1.6 mb)

When possible it’s recommended to use a higher quality file format, but if your application requires .mp3, it’ll still be good quality. I deliver these files either directly through email or via dropbox link depending on the size of the files and your preferences.

Videos are delivered in standard quality .m4v files.


Completion and Payment:

Once you receive your song feel free to take your time and listen carefully to make sure you love the final product! I’ll be happy to make any changes you find necessary. Satisfaction guaranteed. Once you are fully satisfied, I accept payment in the following formats:

PayPal (preferred): Payment email =

Bitcoin: Wallet address = 1G3stFR8BUDzjcD6KZxuV7Fv8DDGYhvSHp

Western Union Money Transfer: Contact for instructions

Check by mail: Contact for instructions

Direct bank account transfer: Contact for instructions

In Person with cash, check or credit card (via Square)


Thank You!

Being able to do what I love for a living is a dream come true, but it’s also A LOT of hard work and many many hours go into this process. Thank you for your support and please let all of your friends, coworkers, fellow businesses, etc. know about Zack David Music.

In addition to custom songwriting, I also gig, give lessons and edit, produce and distribute Podcasts onto iTunes and other outlets among other projects.

Thanks again and best wishes,




Send me over the details of what you have in mind and I’ll send you a few different price quote options to fit your needs. Thanks!



These prices are guidelines and I reserve the right to charge differently based upon labor intensity of a project. All pricing discussions take place before I begin working. I may also be able to give discounts for larger and/or ongoing projects.


 Portfolio samples:

(All songs recorded at Folk Home Studios or the predecessor Zack David – Peru Studios).


Video and Podcast Production Portfolio:


-Covers of your band’s song

-Promotional songs (for a book)

-Promotional songs (for business)

-Music for videos (YouTube)

-Joke songs (NSFW)

-I recorded my vocals for his already written song

-Client provided the lyrics, I did the rest.

-Contemporary Christian.



-Podcasts (I also fully produced this Podcast episode and distribute it to iTunes. Contact for details).

-Podcasts (I also fully produced this Podcast episode and distribute it to iTunes. Contact for details).


(All songs recorded at Folk Home Studios or the predecessor Zack David – Peru Studios).

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“Awesome Job, really professional. Clever songwriting and tailored specifically to the needs. 5 star without a doubt”

rossembergmaza on Fiverr (freelance songwriting customer)[see more reviews here]

“Astoundingly wonderful. Zack took my lyrics, which could have been a little corny, and used his magic to set them to music so that they were just plain fun, and beautiful”

jamurr on Fiverr (freelance songwriting customer)[see more reviews here]

“Quick turnaround.. very responsive and most of all.. he will go above and beyond to make your transaction flawless!. I will be using this buyer again! Thanks Zack!!

jasonrhode on Fiverr (freelance songwriting customer)[see more reviews here]

“I am overjoyed, that’s so, so, so super! I like it very much !”

-Djennyfloro on Fiverr (freelance songwriting customer) [see more reviews here]

“Zack is very good at what he does. His professionalism exceeded my expectations and during a very busy season of the year he was able to meet all my requests in a timely fashion.”

-Michaelpipes on Fiverr (freelance songwriting customer) [see more reviews here]

…see more reviews here!


How to Order:

Place your order directly by email or phone and receive an instant $5 discount. Just mention the code: FIVEOFF.

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