Live Gigs


August, 2020 Update:

Most of my performances have been cancelled indefinitely or in a few lucky cases, have been moved to online livestreams. I’ll leave the below information for future reference (whenever that may be), but for now I’ve been doing livestreams Friday nights at 6 p.m. PST on my YouTube channel: CLICK HERE.

Zack David Live:

Zack is new to town (Encinitas, CA) and looking to perform, though also still settling in after 3 years of serving in Perú with the U.S. Peace Corps.

Whether an original song or a cover, a heartfelt melody or a more poppy rhythm, Zack David plays from the heart. Zack will cater the vibe of his show and his set list to your event needs and will provide all necessary equipment. Check him out live or

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Though his set list is ever-changing, CLICK HERE to see a list of covers Zack David plays

Zack David’s Cover Song List

Assisted Living Set List:

Assisted Living Gig Set List



Upcoming Shows:

Farmers Markets in the area and about 25 different old folks homes regularly. Private events.


I’m not great at updating this. But in general I’ve been playing at restaurants, farmers’ markets, city events, general events, birthdays, assisted living homes and from time to time a wedding or a funeral.

I’d be happy to chat with you about performing at your event at a reasonable price!