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Whether you are starting from scratch or just need an editor, Zack David will be happy to help you with your podcasting needs and get your podcast up and sounding beautiful on iTunes. Here’s a list of podcasting services offered by Zack David Music:


  • Recording your episodes: If you are in the Encinitas/San Diego area I may be able to record you (and guest(s) if applicable) voice(s) at my studio, Zack David Studios. Contact me to chat!
  • Editing and producing your episodes: This includes editing out the “ums, erms,” cough sounds, pauses, sniffles, noises, etc. This also includes getting the best possible sound quality of voice for you (and your guest(s) if applicable). Editing/production can also include implementation of intro and outro music, background music, sound effects, etc.


  • Creating intro/outro and background music for your podcast: I specialize in creating personalized music (click here for details) and will be happy to create your podcast intro/outro and/or background music.


  • Podcast setup & distribution: As long as your website platform is WordPress, I will setup your podcast for distribution through iTunes as well as other platforms such as Stitcher, Soundcloud, etc.


  • Metadata / ID3: I will tag your .mp3 episode files with the correct information necessary to work with the RSS feed for your podcast.


  • Guidance: I will guide you in the right direction in the process, increasing your odds of being featured in the “New and Noteworthy” section of iTunes and having a more successful podcast.


  • Pricing: Whether I’ll be assisting you in the entire project or just helping with editing or distribution, I’ll be happy to help! Pricing changes from project to project. Please contact me with to coordinate:

I’d love to help you with your podcasting needs…Click the button and let me know how I can help!

  • Portfolio: (I’ve worked with many podcasts that have come and gone, but here are a couple that I’ve been with since episode 1 that are still going strong!)

Boss Girl Creative with Taylor Bradford

The LifeBeats Project with Briana Johnson