Royalty Free Music For Sale

The situation: People are realizing that they can no longer rip off “Wonder Wall” for their YouTube videos…well that’s just one use for Royalty Free Music. 🙂

Other uses include: Corporate Videos, Commercials, Radio / TV Spots, Presentations, Events, Films / Movies and anywhere else you may need music that you will have the rights to use. 

Check out my (ever-growing) library here and let me know what you’d like to use my music for. Prices range from $15 per song (which is usually the case) up to $100s depending on the use.

Expect to hear instrumental music including the genres of: Folk, World, Peruvian, Classical, Latin, Spanish, Corporate, Quirky / Kitschy, Children’s and more.

Of course anyone can purchase and use these songs. If you’d like music that’s exclusive to you and/or your business, CLICK HERE and I’ll get you set up!


My Royalty-free music sales will now be managed by ZD Music Co. which will soon be launching

In the meantime, please follow on Instagram: CLICK HERE to follow @zdmusicco on Instagram. Thank you!



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