Greetings…from the Twilight Zone, apparently.

Hello, F³ (friends, family, fans)!

I sincerely hope you are doing well during this dark time in history. This is different than anything any of us have ever experienced, but what I do know is that music and a little humor can help us through it. This isn’t intended to make light of the very heavy and devastating effects of coronavirus (COVID-19), rather, to hopefully shine a little light into the darkness.

Thanks to Dick Whitman for writing the parody lyrics to this classic Paul Simon tune. I had a lot of fun recording it in my makeshift apartment studio. Unfortunately, many of my instruments and tools are at my actual studio – including my acoustic snare drum. But I think it turned out pretty neat…we’re all working with what we’ve got these days, anyway, right?

I’ll be doing some more videos and live streaming and will let you know how and when to tune in. For now, I leave you with, “Fifty Ways to Catch Corona” Much love, -ZD