Zack David Studios

Zack David Studios

Zack David Studios is a humble DIY operation located in the town of Encinitas in Southern California. The result an authentic and organic mostly-acoustic sound true to not only folk music, but other genres as well. Where Zack David Studios lacks in dollar signs, it’s made up for in heart and hard, honest work. No auto-tune or copy/paste here. Unless, of course, that’s the sound you are looking for.

Any project taken on in Zack David Studios is given the proper T.L.C. with a satisfaction guarantee! The engineer and owner Zack David prides himself on sincere customer service and as a working musician himself, won’t let you pay for something you aren’t pleased with.

Online and in-person studio services available.


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Currently, most of Zack David’s work in Zack David Studios is for clients of his Freelance Songwriting services among other projects recording his own music. If you are in the area and interested in checking out Zack David Studios, don’t hesitate to contact Zack David. Zack also offers Podcast Editing and Facilitation services.




-JBL LSR305 studio monitors

-Shure SRH840 studio monitor headphones

-Yamaha RH-5Ma monitor headphones

-Focusrite Scarlett 2i2

-BBE 282iX Desktop Sonic Maximizer

-MXL V67i large diaphragm, dual capsule condenser microphone

-Sennheiser e935

-Digital Reference DRV200

-AKG D330BT microphone

-Tascam TM-80 condenser microphone


-Behringer GTX 60 Guitar Amplifier

-Pyle Pro Portable P.A. System


-Cordoba C5CE nylon string classical acoustic guitar (live show)

-Yamaha CX-40 nylon string classical acoustic guitar (live show backup)

-Cordoba C5 refurb nylon string classical acoustic guitar (studio)

-Morris steel string acoustic dreadnought guitar

-Ibanez AEB5E Acoustic-electric bass guitar

-Rogue Banjo

-Rogue Mandolin

-G & L Tribute Electric Guitar

-Yamaha Guitarlele

-Lanikai Banjolele

-Diamond Head Ukulele

-M-Audio Keystation 61 MKII midi keyboard 

-Full set of harmonicas – Hohner and Lee Oskar

-SX Lap steel guitar

-Smaller djembe drum

-Folk bass drum from Peru

-Charango from Peru

-LP Black Box cajon drum

-Tama Rockstar Snare

-Maid Rite washboard

-Quena flute from Peru

-Zampoña (pan flute) from Peru

-Ocarina from Peru

-Thomas hammond-style organ

-Vozzex Melodica

-Shakers, tambourines, etc.

– (more) Cowbell


Songs from the Studio:


All of Zack David’s freelance songwriting work prior to September 2014 was done at Zack David – Peru Studios. All recordings thereafter done here at Zack David Studios

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